Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy 2010!!!!!

Things have been crazy here. I was sick with the flu right before Christmas. Then we were off to Cleveland for Jordan Flynt's wedding. Jordan is Alex's Godfather and Alex was the ringbearer. He looks so grown up in his tux!! I was supposed to fly back to NYC but got caught in an East Coast snow storm and couldn't get here. Home to WV for a snowy and wonderful holiday. Alex loved everything! "I love you snowman!!" He really loved the train and train cars and tunnel and train tracks that Santa left for him!! Now we're back in the Big Apple where Alex proclaimed "It's Christmastime in Queens!!" We took the tree down (it was dry and DEAD!!) So now it's back to the grind!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Catching Up

OK, this should get my sister off my back. Just catching up....can't believe the June post with picture of Alex's May birthday is not current enough for her.

Went home to WV for the summer. Spent a lot of time at the Sutton Swimming Pool....big fun!! Alex loved the pool..."Pool Break! Kids Out!!!!!" He especially loved the days that cousin Elizabeth (or EP as he calls her) was in town to play too!

Back to NYC for fall. Sean's back was REALLY messed up! Had to go to neurologist then on for spinal surgery. His doctor said it was the largest herniation he had ever removed. Sean is doing fantastic now....recovering very nicely!!

Fall has been good too. The Mountaineers are doing well and that always makes mommy happy!!! If you ask Alex, "What makes mommy happy?" He'll tell you, "Go Mountaineers!" My friend Jeannie was here in late September to visit her cousin Jo. It is always great to see friends. We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge (Ba Sue's Bridge) and back across the Manhattan Bridge.

Alex is excited for Halloween. He picked out his own costume. We were in Old Navy, not even really looking for costumes. He spied a stuffed banana in the pocket of the monkey costume and said, "Banana!!" I showed him the monkey costume and he said, "Put on mommy." So I put the top on him. Then he demanded, "Pay! Pay!!" HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to Alex

We were all thrilled with Alex's Sesame Street second birthday party. Aunt Jenn Jenn worked so hard on the signs, decorations, cake and cupcakes that were all too cute. Aunt Jane was gracious enough to host all the maddness at her house. Alex arrived (without a nap) dressed in his Cookie Monster shirt and was ready to go!!! We enjoyed pizza (Alex's favorite food) and all the sweet treats!!!! He opened so many presents and was grateful for everything. Most of all we are all grateful for all of our family and close friends who came to help celebrate Alex's big day including Grandma and Granddad Wine, Grandma and Papi, Aunt Sonnie, Aunt Jane, Charlie and Clint, Aunt Carol and Bruce, Aunt Cheryl, Roy, Uncle Vernon, Aunt Jenn, Reid, and Elizabeth, Aunt CaCa and Caylin, Aunt Sarah, Evelyn, Pam and Harold, and Leroy. THANK YOU TO ALL!!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Way to Go Mike!!!!!

Congratulations to NASCAR driver Tony Stewart AND HIS FABULOUS PIT CREW for winning last night's All Star Challenge. Sean's nephew Mike Casto is the jack man for Stewart and the number 14 car. We are so proud of Mike!!! Here are a few pictures of Mike from Thursday night's pit crew challenge. The Old Spice/Office Depot crew made it to the semi-finals and Mike was the second fastest jack man in the entire competition!!!!!!

Hey Mike!!!! Alex likes tires too!!!! Do you think you could teach him a thing or two?

Spring Update

I can't believe what a slack mom I am. Here it is almost Alex's second birthday and it's been MONTHS since I've posted an update. Alex has been a busy growing boy. He can't wait for warm sunny days to go play at the park. He has also adjusted nicely to playing with "kids" at the gym daycare a few days a week. Winter break was spent in WV where it finally snowed!!!! Spring break it was back to WV where he and cousin Elizabeth had fun playing on the farm. Alex likes to feed chickens, help Granddad in the garden, and feed Uncle Charlie's horses. We got to go see the Mets play this spring with my school in the new Citi Field. He cheers "Go Mets!" and he has a Mets shopping bag that he puts his toys in and walks to the door and says "Mets!" as if he's leaving the apartment to go to the game. His Aunt Sonnie cut off his curls for us in February. Then he had his first "Big Boy" haircut this week at the barber shop around the corner where Sean goes. He cried at first but by the time they finished he was OK, except for the hairy lollipop he was trying to eat.

We are lucky to have a smart boy. He says well over 100 words (that doesn't count the 10+ animal sounds he makes). He can identify the letters in his name and mostly can tell you the correct order to put them in. He knows the letters in Mom, Dad, and Elmo too. He can identify the colors blue, green, and yellow. I think he knows red too, but refuses to say the word.

Aunt Jennie is busy planning his 2-Year Birthday party at his Aunt Jane's next weekend. We think he will like the Sesame Street theme!!!!

Summer will be here soon. We are excited to get a lot of time to spend with our family in WV!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy New Year!!

We are getting settled back into life in NYC after the new year. We all loved watching the inauguration of President Obama. How sweet that sounds!!! Speaking of sweet, Cousin Elizabeth has turned three years old. The most amazing invitation for her Candy Land themed birthday party arrived in the mail. As you can see from above, Alex really enjoyed the giant lollipop that was attached to the invite.

Sean and I made a list of all the "words" Alex says now.....well, OK a lot of them need mom and dad near by to translate, but he is talking more each day. Here's a list of what he says:
Bye-bye, hi, Dad, up, down, ball, bite (he's been saying these for a few months), toes, bath, kick, beep, sit, oops, boo-boo, open, duck, bunny, George (for his Curious George), blanket, book, balloon, hat, help, thanks, tree, eewww (for yucky things on his hands or high chair tray), spoon, bowl, apple, bread, egg, cheese, pizza, bomb (for playing "pillow bomb"), tent (played in mom and dad's bed with the sheets), Jane (for his Aunt Jane), ho-ho (for Santa), doh! (for Homer Simpson), and occasionally he will say mom. He also says and sings "A-B-B" when he sees letters or words (they are all A-B-B to him).

He also makes a variety of animal sounds: chicken (a silent bock-bock), dog/puppy (pants with tongue out), cat/kitty (beow), horse, cow (mmmmm), sheep (a-a-a-a), pig (grunts), baby chickens (peep), rooster (a high-pitched hum while throwing his head back), bear (grrrrr with his "paws" up), beaver (smacks teeth), elephant (uses arm for his trunk). We're working on a monkey (ooo-ooo while scratching his sides) and an owl (whooo-whooo). He also makes the "kssss" sound for Spiderman and will signal touchdown when we say it or he sees football on TV.

In addition he can identify his head, hair, eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, teeth, ears, fingers, belly, penis, knees, and toes by pointing to them when asked. He also recognizes the flying WV and loves it when I sing "Hail West Virginia." He even knows when to pump his fist in the air for the "Rah! Rah!" part and again at the end for "Let's Gooo! Mountaineers!!!!"

Yes, sadly I've become one of those mothers obsessed with everything her son does and thinks he must be the cutest and smartest kid ever born. Leave me alone; I have no life!!!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa Love!!

We took Alex to see Santa on Saturday at one of our favorite shops in the neighborhood, April Glass. He was fine with Santa as long as he was standing beside him....waved, made animal noises, and even went "Ho!" (Alex only says one or two "Ho!!"s....we can't get him to do three.) However he was less than pleased when we placed him on Santa's lap. He didn't cry. He just dropped his brows (oooooh he is my child with that look!!!) and looked rather annoyed with Sean and me for not immediately taking him. All was well once we were done with pictures and he was off jolly old St. Nick's lap. He even blew him kisses when we were leaving.